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PVC Windows

You can't beat a upvc window for being energy efficient, not just in terms of the frame itself but how it connects with the glass of the window. Coming out way ahead of wood or aluminium, upvc frames with triple glazing, which is commonly used nowadays, will pay for itself many times over in terms of saving on heating costs.

Cost Effective

As if that wasn't enough, they're cheaper than wood and aluminium frames and have a service life measured in decades, while over that time needing very little maintenance.

Low Maintenance

They're tough and able to stand up to almost any environmental stress, and all you need for cleaning is a little washing up liquid or soap and water, which leaves them looking like new. Quality at the right price can be found in our upvc window installations!

Due to the fact that they last a long time, they also add to the value of your property, which can be an important consideration.

The Green Choice

Ecologically as well, they can be completely recycled, and our production process is environmentally sound, consuming far less energy than timber.

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