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French Windows

A Certain Something!

If there's one thing the French are known for, it's enjoying life, and this is exemplified no better than by French windows, which allow in an exuberant amount of light and really add a depth of character to your home that can be found nowhere else!

A French window, or French door, is typically set in pairs of sashes, with hinges on the left and right frame and closing in the middle. Originating in France in 17th century they are still commonly used in modern homes . Our French windows are fitted with top and bottom shootbolts for stability and security.

Sophistication and Elegance

People who have chosen French windows for their homes often bring out their natural aesthetic appeal by adding attractive curtains and blinds, lending them a touch of the elegance, charm and the sophistication of continental taste.

As well as the warm homely atmosphere created by French windows, they really improve the look of any building's exterior. You can take your pick of a wide variety of designs and materials suitable for your home, whether you'd like them to blend-in with a more traditional look or contrast with modern, contemporary designs.

Light and Air

French windows are also very useful in terms of increasing ventilation in your home, letting warm summer breezes float through, bringing the fragrance of your garden in. And during the winter, they have amazing insulation properties with good quality Dalgan double or triple glazing.

With the bright and airy touch they bring to your home, the question isn't why get French windows - the question is why not! All of our windows comply with the latest safety and environmental standards, so give us a call today for your free no-obligation quote or call in to our showroom at Shrule, Co. Galway.

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Had my windows and doors installed in my new house by Dalgan Windows and I'm delighted with the result. My new front door is beautiful as are all the other windows and doors, especially my lift and slide patio. Thank you for a job well done.

Thomas Burke