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Energy Saving

Customers who have installed Dalgan Energy Saving Windows say they have cut their energy bills drastically, thus leaving them with more disposable income.

“Of all the components in a building, it is through the windows that most heat is lost. This is because glass allows heat to escape more readily than most other building materials.

For example, given the same area of wall and window, the window will allow up to eight times more heat to escape.  For this reason, it is important that your windows are as efficient as possible”

Source SEAI “ Guide to Insulating Your Home”

Windows provide our homes with light, warmth, and ventilation, but they can also negatively impact a home's energy efficiency. You can reduce energy costs by installing  Dalgan energy-efficient windows in your home.

You'll find that you have several options to consider when selecting what type of windows you should use in your home. When selecting windows for energy efficiency, it's important to first consider their  Window energy performance ratings.

A Material could be Certified Organic, Renewable and Biodegradable, yet it could be shipped thousands of miles overseas and produce tons of carbon emissions which effectively renders the material an "Eco Dud".

Buying Dalgan means buying products that have been manufactured in the Republic of Ireland, thus reducing carbon emissions and supporting your local economy. All our windows and doors at Dalgan are energy rated.

We see a growing trend in recent years of caring for our environment and we, here at Dalgan, are no different. We have a waste managment process following procedures to meet the strictest environmental guidelines.

At Dalgan we adhere to all national and international standards. Our upvc frames are lead free and recyclable. You can be sure, that by choosing Dalgan, you are making the right choice for our environment.

All homes lose some heat through their windows. However, by installing Dalgan Energy efficient windows you can drastically reduce your heat loss. Dalgan Windows help keep your home warmer, quieter and cheaper to run.

The WEP Rating is very helpful when you decide to buy a window. It is awarded to ensure the final window (Frame and glazing combination) achieves the energy efficient standard claimed. Heat escaping through a window is measured in U-Value.

Sunlight travelling through a window is measured in G-Value. The amount of air that can leak in and around your window is measured in L-Value. A combination of U-Value, G-Value and L-Value give you an energy rating. (WEP)

Window Energy Performance (WEP) explained

By using the information contained on the label, builders and consumers can reliably compare one product with another and make informed decisions regarding the energy performance of window products.

The basic label lists the manufacturer, describes the product, includes the essential energy performance data and provides a source for additional information. The BFRC Window Energy Rating System (or NSAI Window Energy Performance)  lets you know that you are buying the right products. It helps you to quickly select energy efficient windows for your home by comparing window ratings. To view our products Energy Ratings NSAI WEP  https://www.nsai.ie/Our-Services/Certification/Agrement-Certification/WEP-(Wind-Energy-Performance)-Scheme.aspx

Thermal Transmittance (U-value)

This measures how well a product prevents heat escaping.
The energy rating value is based on a standard window to enable comparison of product.

Solar Factor (g-value)

This measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight. The Solar Factor is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. A lower Solar Factor means less heat gain.

Air Leakage (L50 value)

The factor L50 in the formula is an air leakage factor. For good quality windows, air leakage makes little difference to energy performance, for leaky windows, the impact is significant.


A window's energy efficiency is dependent upon all of its components. Window frames conduct heat, contributing to a window's overall energy efficiency, particularly its U-factor. Glazing or glass technologies have become very sophisticated, and designers often specify different types of glazing  for different windows, based on orientation, climate, building design, etc.

Another important consideration is how the windows operate, because some operating types have lower air leakage rates than others, which will improve your home's energy efficiency. Common operating types include: (see Window types) Casement, Bay, French, Sash, Tilt & Turn.

If you are upgrading windows 3 years or older, an energy efficient window by Dalgan will give you a seriously significant improvement on energy saving. Cal to our showroom in Shrule, Co. Galway to view our wide range of energy efficent windows and doors.


Had my windows and doors installed in my new house by Dalgan Windows and I'm delighted with the result. My new front door is beautiful as are all the other windows and doors, especially my lift and slide patio. Thank you for a job well done.

Thomas Burke